The Palestinian Orphan Home Association organizes an entertaining day for orphans

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The Palestinian Orphan Home Association  organized an entertaining day for orphans and their families  funded by Comite De Apoyo AL Publo Palestino  (CAPP)– Spain.

The celebration included 240 orphans in the city of games Kids Land on the beach of the Gaza Sea.

The celebration had drew a smile on the faces of orphaned children and their families.

This day comes as part of the activities of the Palestinian Orphan Home Association ,

which is interested in taking care and promotion of orphans, psychologically and educationally,

in addition to the financial support provided through sponsorships and others.

The celebration included many interesting activities with the Sweet Baby band, which brought joy and happiness to the hearts of orphans,

there was distribution of gifts and tickets for recreational games, which increased their joy.


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