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Women Center

The siege imposed on the Gaza Strip, has affected badly the situation of women in the Palestinian territories. The suffering increases, in different aspects such as all life and psychological aspects that have reached the point of threatening the stability of the family.

Poverty does not stop at a lack of income or unemployment and low standard of living, but also the lack of access by the poor and their families to the minimum of medical treatment opportunities and essential needs.

More serious, this phenomenon of increasing poverty and unemployment that has contributed to the generation of more impoverishment of values, making it easier to exploit some of the poor and needy in many social and security deviations

The phenomenon of poverty is no longer confined to immediate needs, but the Palestinian society in general and in the Gaza Strip in particular are living in poverty and low social justice.

Therefore, these women need projects that contribute to alleviating their suffering , this was the idea of a project to establish a center for the development of women’s capabilities to give women the opportunity to be trained and alleviate their suffering.

Project Idea

The idea of ​​the project is to establish a center for the development of the capabilities of Palestinian women. The center will hold several training courses in various fields to develop the abilities of many women who do not find a suitable place to develop their skills.

Many women have a variety of skills that help them to establish a project, but because of lack of training and lack of money, they cannot begin their own projects.

The Women’s Development Center has many production units, such as the food production, where different kinds of food is produced.

Sewing , handicrafts, and other units that will provide the right place for many poor women to work and will contribute to alleviating the suffering of these poor women.

This is also important because we want to strengthen the capacity of women to manage small projects because of the importance of these projects in solving the problem of unemployment and finding a source of income for the family stop them of asking for help.

About the center

The idea of the Center is to train and educate women in all fields with a focus on the professional aspects so that women can establish their own project and improve their living.

 The center contains the following departments:

Comprehensive development of women

Because knowledge is the basis of development, the Center will hold various courses such as various development courses, educational and awareness courses such as health and education, law and politics, Islamic knowledge, Quran memorization, literacy, photography. And there is a library for the kitchen.

The Productive kitchen

It aims to provide job opportunities for women with low income (divorced, widows and poor) to support themselves and their families, and to provide ready-made meals with high quality standards and suitable prices for all occasions such as weddings, seminars, schools, kindergartens, etc. This course will also provide training courses for women in cooking and preparing various foods.

Department of embroidery and handicrafts

It aims to provide job opportunities for targeted women to support their families and provide handicrafts and creative works of embroideries, wool and beads with high quality standards and suitable prices and marketing them locally and abroad. It will provide training courses for women in various handicrafts.

Center for Palestinian Women … Objectives of the project:

Overall Objective:

The project aims at empowering women to understand their role in building society and their ability to truly participate in society through their comprehensive development.

Special Objectives:

1- Enhancing the confidence of Palestinian women themselves and their abilities.

2- Taking the hand of women towards decent work.

3- Achieving linkages between women and other sectors of society.

4- Contribute to improving women’s living conditions in various fields.

5 – Using leisure time in women in a useful work.

6- Developing and directing the creative capabilities of Palestinian women.

7 – Revival of the Palestinian folklore and an attempt to highlight it greatly and preserve its artistic characteristics and highlight its originality.

8- Increasing the Palestinian people’s adherence to their land by preserving their heritage.

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