Palestinian Orphan Home Association organizes summer camps for mothers of orphans

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With the start of the summer and the continuation of the various activities of mothers and orphans in the Gaza Strip,

the Palestinian Orphan Home Association implemented the summer camps in all governorates of the Gaza Strip for orphans,

where the camps varied between recreational activities and psychological, educational and religious meetings

Palestinian Orphan Home Association held in Khan Younis a special summer camp for mothers of orphans,

which included several lectures for a group of doctors and professors specialized in various fields, including religious, educational, psychological and human development.

The camp was 5 days as follows:

The first day:  The first lecture was entitled Self Management , by Mr. Mohammed Abu Shawish

The second lecture was entitled “The electronic awareness of by Mr. Hazem Abu Hashim

The second day was the first lecture entitled Positive Education based on love for d. Issa al-Muhtasib

And the second lecture entitled “The Leading Role of Women in Islam” by Dr. Abdullah Al-Akkad.

The third day was the first lecture psycho drama lecture entitled ” Amer Farwana

And the second lecture entitled financial rules of the orphan for Dr. Mohamed Awad

And the third lecture entitled Strengthening the spiritual side  by Dr. Mohammed Kallab.

On the fourth day, the first lecture was entitled “Five to do for success”. By Wissam Al Sheikh Eid

The second lecture is the art of communication by Mr. Mohammed Issa

And the third lecture entitled “Stress Management”. By Mr. Dia  Abou Aoun.

On the fifth day, the first lecture was entitled representative systems and their relationship to our lives by Dr. Yasra Abu Hadros . The second lecture was entitled Tree of Life, optimism and hope for Mr. Ziad Abu Zeid.

It is worth mentioning that Mr.  Ziad Abu Zeid, ran the program on its five days, the camp was ended on the sixth day with a leisure trip for mothers to several tourism places of in the Gaza Strip and varied places,

such as park of Deir Al Balah and the English Cemetery, Sidna Hashim Mosque and the Pasha Palace and Al emari Mosque and the port of the Gaza Strip and the city of Asdaa.


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