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Al Baraka Bakery

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Al Baraka Bakery

Al Baraka bakery distributes a daily bread to many needy families

Since the humanitarian and economic situation in the Palestinian territories is extremely deteriorating. The Palestinian people in Palestine and in the Gaza Strip are suffering from difficult days, and this suffering has increased as they encircle Gaza, close its crossings and impose siege on the strip.

As a result there is an Increase of the  number of destitute. The siege is increasing and the suffering of people is concentrated in the absence of basic needs such as food, drink and medicine. This deterioration threatens with a humanitarian disaster. The suffering has increased, as many people can not afford to get their basic needs.

Therefore, the Palestinian Orphan Home Association  has taken the responsibility the search for solutions to this crisis and we hope that all supporting institutions will take this matter very seriously.

In an attempt to alleviate the suffering of the Palestinian citizen, the idea of establishing a bakery in the city of Deir al-Balah in the central region of the Gaza Strip, to provide bread to the Palestinian citizen at without getting any profit, and free of charge for the poor and needy, as bread can not be dispensed with any Palestinian house.

The mechanism of the bakery during the day

Al Baraka bakery currently produces 4000 loaf per hour, with 10 workers working in the bakery from 8 to 10 hours a day,

The other part of the production is being sold to consumers at a very low cost and profit rate. This is to alleviate the economic burden of the Palestinian citizen.

In other words, Al Baraka Bakery serves as a charitable and development project at the same time.

Areas served by the project

The project serves the entire central governorate, and the income of the project is used as a source of income to finance the humanitarian and social projects carried out by the association.

The categories targeted by the project are all the people in the central governorate where bread is sold to consumers with a very small profit that covers the operational expenses of the bakery.

It also serves the poor, the needy and the families of orphans, through increasing the number of beneficiaries in all areas of the central province. The bakery also provides permanent employment opportunities.

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