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Charity loaf

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Charity loaf

The charity loaf is a hope for poor families

The population of the Gaza Strip is more than two million, living on an area that doesn’t exceed 360 km². Eighty percent of Gaza’s families live below the poverty line and poor families make up about 32 percent of Gaza’s total population. Most of the families has a lot of children, and they have no source of income.  Also they have elderly people who are unemployed. So they are considered the poorest ones.

The unemployment rate is more than 40% in the sector, according to statistics. this make the living conditions of thousands of Gazan families extremely difficult and they became in dire need of assistance and providing them the necessary food for the families so that they do not have to beg.

Based on the concern of the Palestinian Orphan Home Association to preserve the dignity of poor families and protect them from begging and asking for help,  they work hard to provide all assistance to these families, especially providing them with bread, which is the main ingredient in the daily meals of Gaza families.

The Charity loaf project is implemented all to the needy and poor families in all governorates of Gaza

The bread is delivered daily to the family according to the number of the family members, it is distributed everyday so that, the family will get it fresh and it will not be spoilt due to the cut of electricity.

This project alleviate the suffering of  the  needy families by providing basic food security for them .

Why the charity bread project

Thousands of Gazan families suffer from very bad economic conditions due to the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip, which led to a low standard of living and the inability of these families to provide a living for their members due to the lack of income  and dependence on government assistance or the aid provided by the UNRWA, which barely meets The humanitarian needs of these families.

A community role  … Palestinian Orphan Home Association and the bread distribution project

Palestinian Orphan Home Association has a community role to support the people of the Gaza Strip and support them in all fields,

Bread distribution Project was part of the Society’s strategy to provide a decent life for these families, where bread was provided, Which is one of the most basic food needs of the Palestinian family on a regular basis.

The importance of the project and its justifications:

Thousands of families in the Gaza Strip suffer from poor economic conditions, low standard of living and lack of income. So this project of providing free bread was part of the association’s strategy to provide a decent life for these families.

The project justification:

1- High unemployment rate.

  1. High numbers of poor families.
  2. The inability of thousands of families to have a source of income.
  3. The inability of thousands of families to get bread and basic food needs.

Beneficiaries of the project:
1. Poor and needy families and the sick.
2. Unemployed.
3. The elderly who have no breadwinners.
4. Families of orphans.
5. Marginalized areas and no aid.

Therefore, we too much hope that you will fund this project, recalling the saying of our profit Mohammad  (peace be upon him): “The most beloved people to Allah are those who are most beneficial to people. The most beloved deed to Allah is to make a Muslim happy, or  to remove one of his troubles, or to forgive his debt, or to feed his hunger. ”

Our entire Palestinian people is exposed to poverty, need and rising unemployment.

With your donation, you feed a poor and provide him a decent life without asking others for help

charity bread

charity bread

charity bread

charity bread

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