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Orphans Sponsorship

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Orphans Sponsorship

$280 of $75,000 raised

Orphans Sponsorship Project

Orphans and families sponsorship Project is based on hadith of our messenger peace be upon him,  to ensure orphans and families in need and poor from the words of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him ” the Messenger of Allah said: ” I and the sponsor of an orphan shall be in Paradise like these two.”And he indicaed with his fingers, meaning his index and his middle finger”

Allah has blessed us to see the children and enjoy their presence around us, each child a precious gift worthy of appreciation, especially those young orphans who were left without a guardian or sponsor.

Such orphans are in dire need of merciful people  on the ground to be like angels to protect them and work to achieve their dreams and secure a decent life for them.

And to give a great opportunity to the hearts of compassionate people who seek to do good, by paying a small amount of money that contributes to the exclusion of orphans from homelessness and hunger.

It is worth mentioning that the Gaza Strip suffers for decades from the siege and wars that led to more orphans and poor who find it so difficult to get their living , so they hope to live like the children of the world.

Department of Orphans sponsorships

The sponsorships Department follows up more than 15,000 orphans and one thousand of families in need. Its tasks are the follo


1- To identify lists of orphans and their forms and send them to the good people for their sponsorship

2- Communicate with the sponsors and discuss the issue of orphans.

3- disbursement of the amounts sent to orphans and needy.

4- Preparing periodic reports for orphans and needy people handed over to the sponsors.

5- Supervising and following up the Integrated Care Department.

Sponsoring orphans and needy families

Sponsoring the orphans and needy families through the provision of in kind assistance, social welfare ,educational and health services through an integrated program and full supervision, at its branches in the governorates of the Gaza Strip.

These orphans go through the same conditions as the Palestinian people in general suffering from hunger, siege, fear and pain, but these orphans have also lost the father, who is considered by the children to be the bond of safety at  home.

The sponsorship, whatever its in kind value, is far less valuable than its moral value. The orphan and his family are eagerly waiting to meet their basic needs, such as buying uniforms, textbooks, personal expenses for orphans and household necessities.

And this sponsorship, which reaches the orphan while he  is in dire need of it makes him feel the extent of interdependence among Muslims in all parts of the world and from this point of the orphan arises to love his Muslim brothers in various parts of the earth sympathize with them and love them good.

Objectives of the sponsorship department

1- sponsoring the orphans, the poor, the needy and those affected by the loss of dependents.

2- sponsoring the poor and needy families either with monthly or annual assistance.

3- Implementation of the integrated care program for orphans.

4- Sponsoring school and university students.

5 – Establishment of special schools for orphans (for girls and boys)

6- Providing health care to the community through hospitals, health centers, clinics and other medical activities established by the Association in its areas of operation.

7- Cooperating with the official bodies, associations, foundations and local and international charities in order to achieve the goals of the association.

8 – Taking care to women’s affairs through the establishment of centers for women’s activity.

Mechanism of work of the sponsorships department

The department works on the care of orphans through orphan follow-up from the date of his father’s death and loss to his support until he is able to take responsibility. The department works through comprehensive care to communicate immediately with the family of orphans in an effort to alleviate their sufferings.

The orphans are registered from 1 to 12 years old, and a file is opened for each orphan including the original identification papers.

And through communication with donors  and good people, a form is prepared for each orphan and sent with identification papers to those who care about him ,,,

The department will follow up the case until the orphan is sponsored. The donor organization sends a list of names of orphans sponsored by their organization.

The association also distributes the sponsorships to the beneficiaries , and they prepare signature statement that will be signed by the recipient.

The original copy of the form will be sent to the organization attached with the photos for distribution.  The association keeps a copy of the form.

 And after that, the comprehensive care role starts, where the orphan is followed up  socially, psychologically and educationally through home visits and school visit if he is of school age. During the visit a follow up report is filled, which is sent annually to the sponsor.

The report includes complete and detailed data of the life of the orphan and his family and pictures of Orphan and his daily activities and a letter of thanks from the orphan written by him if he is at school age and otherwise it is written by the guardian and they are sent to the sponsor so that they can be on touch and they contact each others.

Number of sponsorships

– The number of orphans registered in the Gaza Strip is 26000 orphans

– The number of sponsored orphans  is 13000

– The number of orphans sponsored by educational sponsorships.

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Orphan sponsorship

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