Vision of the Society

We seek excellence and leadership in the provision of humanitarian and relief services and social solidarity among members of society.

Mission of the Society

The Palestinian Orphan House Association seeks to provide care for orphans, widows and needy families in the Gaza Strip with the highest level of efficiency and excellence. It  works with interest to form future for youth to depend on themselves and serve their country by providing comprehensive care such as physical care  , educational, health, development and social care to meet their needs.  Also it seeks to provide a decent living for the poor and the needy.

The Palestinian Orphans Home Association follows all legitimate means to achieve this, and works to strengthen cooperation between the association and the official and civil institutions working in the field of care for orphans and families, development and relief areas national and international .

The Palestinian Orphan Home Association also cares about all its charity activities with values ​​and ideals, as sponsoring the orphans and poor families and drawing the smile on their faces is one of the most beloved work by Allah.