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Wells drilling

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Wells drilling

One of the most difficult things to suffer is not to find water that you and your children drink. It is the problem of drinking water in the besieged Gaza Strip for more than 12 years. Water is unsafe for drinking in Gaza. Water pollution reached  98%, the water that the citizens get doesn’t meet the global health standards for drinking water.

The Gaza Strip – Palestine, which has a population of more than 2 million, is on the verge of a water and environmental disaster. Salinity in the water is constantly rising, water is no longer suitable for human use, and there are no solutions under the siege.

The problem of water in the Gaza Strip has worsened. Experts in the field of water have agreed that the Gaza Strip will not have access to potable water in the near future due to the pollution that reached 98%.

According to recent Water Authority reports, water pollution in the Gaza Strip is mainly due to the high salt content and nitrates, which have negative effects on human health, especially children and pregnant women, because salts produce many diseases, especially kidney and urinary tract diseases.

Project objectives and outputs:

Overall Objective:

Contribute to the provision of potable water to the community in the Gaza Strip, especially for poor and needy families.

Special objectives expected:

– To meet the needs of citizens of fresh drinking water in Gaza Strip.

– Contribute to alleviate the suffering and hardship experienced by the population and citizens from the transfer and access to water.

– Reduce the percentage of diseases resulting from water salinity and pollution and maintain the health of citizens.

– Mitigating the problem of water pollution in the Gaza Strip.

– Reducing the economic burden on citizens as a result of having to purchase fresh water in difficult economic conditions that affect most of the population.

– To embody the spirit of cooperation and solidarity among Muslims, and raise some of the suffering of poor and needy families in the difficult times they go through.

– The role of charitable societies in their humanitarian role in alleviating the suffering of the community

Project outputs

1- To contribute to improving the drinking water situation in the Gaza Strip.

2- Provide drinking water to the beneficiaries in the area all the time and alleviate their suffering in obtaining safe drinking water.

Target group

– Poor and needy families

– Families of orphans

– Families of patients and the elderly

– Public facilities (some schools, mosques, kindergartens, etc..

– local community.

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