Speech of the President of Palestinian Orphans Home Association

Thirteen years and a half … the Palestinian Orphans Home Association is a leadership, determination and giving.

Palestinian Orphan Home Association is a non-profit charitable association established in the Gaza Strip in 2006 by a group of philanthropists to provide social, educational, health, developmental and relief services to the poor and the needy.

With guidance of Allah ,  and with the efforts of the board members of the board of directors, the executive management, the administrative, financial, social and media departments, the association has been able to provide various services to various segments of society in need and poor.

Over the past decade, the association has expanded its programs and projects to meet the needs of the Palestinian society under the suffocating siege. It has sought to expand its geographic coverage to the beneficiaries by contributing to the food security of tens of thousands of poor and needy families in various governorates. Also to provide health services for the orphans, the poor and the needy, the implementation of seasonal and emergency projects, economic empowerment and employment for the heads of poor families.

Here, we are at the Palestinian Orphans Home Association have to thank and express our gratitude to our supporters and donors in the Arab and Muslim world. We wish them all the best of luck and hope that they will continue to support us.

Finally,  the association  promises to move forward with the approach of excellence, challenge and work at the highest levels of efficiency, professionalism and transparency.