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Income-generating projects

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Income-generating projects

Income-generating projects

The aim of the project is to contribute to reducing the poverty rates among the poorest groups in the Gaza Strip by providing economic empowerment components based on micro and small projects to ensure decent livelihoods.

The project targeted 60 poor beneficiaries under the Orphan Sponsorship Program implemented by the Association. The project was implemented according to the slogan (from the poor seller to the poor customer). The project worked on implementing a program to train these poor people in the skills of managing small projects, dealing with customers and quality of the product in order to improve their skills in managing small projects and integrating them into the labor market through small projects for creating income as street vendors. While the association provided the poor with food carts to sell new food products needed by the local market and not offered by the large companies and are considered cheap goods suitable for the poor and able customers alike and provide them with cheap and high quality health food such as:

Potato Cart Project:

The project is a motorized vehicle equipped to produce various types of potato food to serve as a mini-restaurant in mobile areas such as parks and parks. It offers a variety of potato products. These commodities are characterized by scarcity and low cost that encourage citizens to buy them to achieve a good profit margin for the poor seller.

Project of the boiled corn cart:

The project is a mobile vehicle equipped with the necessary things for the preparation of various types of boiled corn.

Fresh vegetable cart project:

The project is a mobile vehicle equipped with the necessary things for selling of fresh vegetables in the cities in a clean and healthy manner and ensure the marketing of poor farm products through a poor seller and cheap price fits all.

The overall objective of the project

A Palestinian society in which the poor receive economic aid based on relief-development work that ensures high incomes for the poor so that they enjoy decent living.

Strategic objectives of the project

Integration of the poor into the Palestinian labor market.

Provide an income source for 60 poor families to ensure a decent life.

Improving the livelihoods of poor families in the Gaza Strip.

the expected results:

1- 60 families of the poor families in the program of sponsoring the poor families  implemented by the association engaged in the economic life as sellers  on mobile vehicles in different areas of the Gaza Strip to ensure them permanent decent work opportunities.

2- Sixty of the poor families are out of poverty and have a financial income that guarantees them a decent livelihood.

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