Palestinian Orphan Home Association distributes nearly 4000 sponsorship to orphans in Gaza Strip

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Palestinian Orphan Home Association distributed (4000) cash sponsorships for orphans and needy families from all the governorates of the Gaza Strip for August 2020 , from a generous donation from charitable people and charitable institutions supporting orphans .

The sponsorship had a great impact on orphans and their families to help them get their basic living needs in light of the difficult economic conditions in the Gaza Strip. It is an aid and support to provide the minimum requirements for a decent life

On behalf of the orphans and their families, The director of the association thanked the supporting institutions for their great efforts in providing a decent life for orphans and their families, calling for more donations and contributions to the sponsorship project and other projects implemented by the association..

Statistics of sponsorships for the month of November for Palestinian Orphan Home Association

The total amount of cash sponsorships distributed to the sponsored...