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Qurbani Project for Gaza 2023

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Qurbani Project for Gaza 2023

58% funded


  1. Project summary


The need has increased in the Gaza Strip due to the current conditions that the strip is going through. What Gaza has witnessed from the last aggression in May 2023 on the Strip, where the aggression caused great losses in lives and property, so the people’s needs increased significantly, especially since the siege and closure imposed on Gaza , and unemployment, which increased in an unprecedented way, as the number of unemployed increased and thousands of families lost their source of income and became in dire need of assistance.


Palestinian Orphans Home Association implements Qurbani Project each year as part of its Al-Adha Eid projects.

This project targets the most vulnerable families living in Gaza Strip. It is considered a crucial project due to its role in strengthening the bonds between the members of the communities (the privileged with the under-privileged) as well as providing the people who perform the ritual of sacrifice during the Adha Eid with the opportunity to donate the fresh meat to the most vulnerable families in Gaza Strip, which is the main objective of performing this type of ritual in the first place.


Palestinian Orphans Home Association  launches its annual “Qurbani Project” which aims at providing meat portions to the most vulnerable families in Gaza Strip.


Accordingly, the implementation of this project comes to alleviate the suffering of people and fill the needs of poor and needy families and orphans during the blessed Eid Al-Adha, and it is expected that 2,500 families distributed in all governorates of Gaza Strip will benefit from this project through the various branches of the association.

2.           Problem and Justifications


The situation in Gaza is critical. After 17-years of blockade, poverty rates in the Palestine refugee community, who make up the majority of Gaza’s population, are at around 81.5 per cent. The per capita GDP of Gaza is now three to four times lower than in neighboring countries. This dire situation has been compounded by repeated cycles of hostilities, heightened tensions and violence, political instability, and the COVID-19 pandemic. Together, these factors have destabilized the lives of individuals and communities and have further increased the hardships they are facing. Having witnessed death and injury and damage or loss of property caused by many major rounds of violence over the past 16 years, many Gazans – especially children – exhibit signs of trauma.


80 per cent of the population of Gaza’s dependent on humanitarian assistance. Three out of four Gazans rely on emergency food assistance – and despite this support, the rate of severe food insecurity is rising.


  1. Project Description



Building on last year’s success and beneficiaries’ satisfaction, Palestinian Orphans Home Association is implementing the “Qurbani Project” for this year too. As mentioned previously, the project targets disadvantaged families living under the poverty lines all over Gaza Strip.

Meat portions and pricing:

The association will be supervising the slaughtering of donated Qurbans (sheep or cow) as well as the butchering, packaging, and distribution of meat portions to the poor families living in designated underprivileged areas during the first day of Adha Eid.


Each meat portion weighs 1-2 kg approximately. Prices differ depending on the slaughtered animal as shown in the below diagram:


  • Full cow

Unit Price: USD 2,500 approximately (inclusive of slaughtering, butchering and portioning costs)

Each full cow can be portioned into 150-200 shares capable of sustaining 150-200 families.

  • Partial cow

Unit Price: USD 350 approximately (inclusive of slaughtering, butchering and portioning costs)

Each partial cow can be portioned into 30 shares capable of sustaining 30 families.


  • Imported Sheep

Unit Price: USD 420 approximately (inclusive of slaughtering, butchering and portioning costs)

Each sheep can be portioned into 20 shares capable of sustaining 20 families.


Implementation details:

  • Selection of cattle and ensuring its compliance with imposed standards such as weight and age.
  • Supervision of slaughter to ensure that it is being done according to the Islamic
  • Quality control in terms of sanitation and hygiene in the slaughterhouses, proper refrigeration when storing and transporting the meat, and ensuring that the proper families are receiving the portions.
  • On-site intervention and implementation of corrective actions in case any non-conformities are detected.



  • Project Impact:
  • Providing fresh meat to poor families during Al-Adha Eid 1444 – 2023.
  • Outcomes:
  • Providing poor and needy families in different areas of Gaza Strip with fresh meat during Al-Adha Eid 1444 – 2023.
  • Promoting the value of social solidarity.
  • Improving the psychological wellbeing of targeted families during the days of Al-Adha Eid.
  • Outputs:
  • 10 heads of cows and sheep will be slaughtered.
  • 20 heads of sheep will be slaughtered.
  • An average of 2500 portions of fresh meat will be distributed to 2500 families all over Gaza Strip.

Important note:

Qurbani Project target for the year 2023 is to reach out for 24,000 beneficiaries.


Every donation counts, and every donation helps us reach the desired output.    



Target Group

An estimated 2500 families living under the poverty line and of various nationalities are expected to benefit from this project as shown in the below diagram:

  • Beneficiaries
  • Orphans families
  • Palestinian Refugees Families
  • Families affected by the wars


Location (s)


“Qurban Project” will be implemented all over Gaza Strip covering all the areas



Implementation of the “Qurbani Project” shall take place during Al-Adha Eid of 2023 / 1444. It is worth mentioning that the procurement process and logistical preparation shall begin at least 20 days before the first day of the Adha Eid. Slaughtering, butchering, portioning, and distribution of meat portions shall take place during the 4 days of Al-Adha Eid if needed.

The total duration of the project is 30 days.

Below is an indicative timetable of the main activities of the project:


Qurbani Prices for the years 2023 / 1444 are as follow:

Item Unit Price


Number of units Total cost (USD)
Cow 2,300 10 23,000
Imported Sheep 400 20 8,000
Total budget 31,000

The prophet peace be upon him said: “Muslim is the brother of a fellow-Muslim. He should neither commit oppression upon him nor ruin him, and he who meets the need of a brother, Allah would meet big needs, and he who relieved a Muslim from hardship Allah would relieve him from the hardships to which he would be put on the Day of Resurrection, and he who did not expose (the follies of a Muslim) Allah would conceal his follies on the Day of Resurrection.

Dear brothers, we propose this important project to you, hoping that you will contribute in its funding ,  to help the poor and needy groups during Eid Aladha , so that we can work together to be of assistance to them and support them and alleviate their suffering together.

In conclusion, we cannot help but thank you and extend our gratitude and appreciation to you

Palestinian Orphans Home – Darelyateem

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