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Poor Families Sponsorship Project

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Poor Families Sponsorship Project

22% funded

Project summery

The project is to ensure the needy families have a monthly cash amount to the segment of the poor  and needy families so that they can buy their needs and to alleviate their suffering especially at the time of the difficult living conditions that the Gaza Strip is going through.

Problem and justifications

Gaza Strip suffers from siege and the imposition of restrictions on all land, sea and air borders, which makes the residents of the Strip live in a large prison, which has negatively affected the social, economic and psychological life of the Palestinians, especially for marginalized and needy groups such as orphans

All indications confirm that Gaza Strip is currently not on the verge of collapse, but has entered the stage very hard conditions, as it has become the largest prison in the world without construction, open crossing borders, water, electricity and work.

Among the most important justifications that prompted the introduction of such a project:

  • Poverty rates are clearly increasing among families
  • Increasing the severity of the stifling economic crisis experienced by needy families

Project objectives and outputs

 General Objective

Contribute to alleviating the burden of poor and needy families in light of the difficult conditions that our people in Gaza are going through.


 Expected Special Objectives

  • Reducing the financial burden of the poor and needy families.
  • Contribute to bringing joy and happiness to these families by providing their basic needs.


  1. Impact of the project

The project will have a clear impact in meeting the needs of poor and needy families by providing them with a monthly cash amount and bringing happiness to  them and to their families.


Ibn ‘Umar (May Allah be pleased with them) reported:

Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said, “A Muslim is a brother of another Muslim. So he should not oppress him nor should he hand him over to (his satan or to his self which is inclined to evil). Whoever fulfills the needs of his brother, Allah will fulfill his needs; whoever removes the troubles of his brother, Allah will remove one of his troubles on the Day of Resurrection; and whoever covers up the fault of a Muslim, Allah will cover up his fault on the Day of Resurrection”.


In conclusion, we hope that you will donate and contribute even a little to this project and bring joy to the poor in Gaza Strip.

We all hope that you will respond to our urgent call and  to contribute and donate , to help the poor who are unable to provide the minimum requirements of life, to work together to be of help and support them and alleviate their suffering together.

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