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Desalination Establishment Plant for Yafa Hospital

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Desalination Establishment Plant for Yafa Hospital

23% funded
  1. Project Introduction

Yafa Medical Hospital, located in the city of Deir al-Balah in the central governorate, provides medical services at nominal fees to poor and needy families and serves a large segment of the population in the central governorate of Gaza. The hospital needs clean drinking water for patients, workers and the surrounding population.

Hence the idea of establishing a water desalination plant at Yafa Hospital, in addition to establishing an external water taps and sink for the benefit of passers-by and the surrounding population.

  1. Problem and justifications

Gaza Strip suffers from serious water pollution as a result of the rapid decline in groundwater reserves, and the pollution rate of this water has reached 98%, which has led to the spread of serious diseases, most notably kidney failure. Officials in hospitals and medical centers, especially in kidney departments, warned that there is an increase in the number of patients with kidney failure resulting from water pollution, and water contains a high percentage of nitrates and chlorides, which are considered one of the causes of kidney failure in the Gaza Strip.

Also, the high percentage of other heavy metals such as lead and sulfur affects people’s health and lives.

Gaza Strip is on the verge of a real water and environmental disaster, as more than 98% of groundwater is not suitable for domestic use. The percentage of salinity in the water is constantly rising, and the water is no longer suitable for human use, and there are no solutions under the siege imposed on the Strip. Deir Al Balah  is one of the areas with a very high population and this that clearly affects this area.

This city has a population of more than 250,000 people. Yaffa Hospital is located in the middle of Deir al-Balah city and it is in dire need of providing clean drinking water for patients, workers and residents  around the hospital


  1. Objective and project outputs

General objective

Contributing to securing potable water in and around Yafa Medical Hospital in Deir al-Balah city in the central governorate of the Gaza Strip.



Expected Special objectives

  • Filling the needs of patients and employees of Yafa Hospital and the residents surrounding the hospital and passers-by of fresh drinking water in the central governorate of the Gaza Strip in the city of Deir al-Balah, which is considered one of the most crowded areas.
  • Contribute to alleviating the suffering and hardship experienced by the population and citizens as a result of transporting and obtaining water.
  • Reducing the percentage of diseases resulting from water salinity and pollution, and preserving the health of citizens in the central governorate.
  • Alleviating the problem of water pollution in the Gaza Strip.
  • Reducing the economic burden on citizens because they are forced to buy water in light of the difficult economic conditions that most of the population suffer from.

Project outputs

  • Contribute to providing clean drinking water to Yafa Hospital and to the residents surrounding the hospital and passers-by.
  • Contribute to improving the situation of drinking water in the Gaza Strip.
  • Providing drinking water to beneficiaries in the area at all times and alleviating their suffering in obtaining safe drinking water.



  1. Beneficiaries

Direct beneficiaries

Area Beneficiaries number Age Categories No.
Dier Al Balah – Gaza Strip , Palestine



1000 All ages Patients, employees of Yafa Hospital, residents surrounding the hospital, and passersby 1.



  1. Impact of the project

This project is considered one of the important projects that has a great impact on improving the health situation in Dier Al Balah Area , and it will have a clear impact on everyone in the area .




  1. Conclusion

In conclusion, Palestinian Orphan Home Association extends its thanks and great gratitude to you for your goodness and giving to the Palestinian people in particular and to humanity in general, wishing you to continue giving, May Allah reward you the best  in order to draw a smile on the deprived lips.


We also hope that you can fund this project with a lofty goal in supporting the people in Gaza Strip

May Allah bless  you and reward you the best

Palestinian Orphans Home Association

Gaza Strip, Palestine





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