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Warm Winter for Gaza Children 2021

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Warm Winter for Gaza Children 2021

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The Palestinian economy has been suffering for years in the Gaza Strip from a major collapse, exacerbated by the spread of the Corona crisis epidemic, and the subsequent closure of economic facilities, in addition to the blockade that has been imposed on the Gaza Strip for more than 15 years.

The Palestinian economic conditions suffer from a major collapse, which increased in severity after the spread of the Corona crisis, and the great damage affects to all economic sectors. Gaza is currently witnessing an economic crisis that has not been witnessed since 1948, the commercial sector is badly affected, in addition to the collapse of the industrial sector, in light of the closure of many factories’ doors and the displacement of thousands of workers, the Gaza Strip, which suffers from severe siege and suffers from not being allowed to export its products, or import any requirements for the industrial and commercial sector, as well as the required equipment and machinery.

In light of the difficult economic conditions that the Gaza Strip is going through, the suffering of Palestinian families increases, as tens of thousands of families are unable to provide their basic requirements, and on top of these supplies are winter supplies such as blankets, clothes, etc., and from here the idea of this project is to meet the needs of those poor families and the needy so that 1000 poor and needy families will benefit from this project. Those families are selected based on specific criteria to ensure that the aid has reached the target groups.

And to work to contribute to solving this problem, the association seeks to implement this project to provide a decent life for poor and needy families and orphans through providing basic winter supplies for each family according to their necessary needs.

Main objective:

Providing a decent life for poor and needy families and orphans by providing necessities for the winter season such as clothes, blankets etc.

Specific objectives:

     Securing the basic needs of poor and needy families of the necessary winter supplies that the family needs them urgently  .

        Providing support for poor and needy families and orphans to live a decent life that

protects them from the humiliation of the asking others for help.

     Contributing to solving family problems that face poor and needy families, orphans, and continuous social intervention in order to stabilize their lives.

        Share the joy of the winter season with the poor by providing them with warmth.

Project outputs

     Contribute to improving the living and social situation of poor and needy families and orphans during winter season.

        Reducing the financial burden on poor and needy families and orphans

     Protecting the poor, the needy, and orphans from displacement by meeting their needs and requirements.


  • Poor and needy families who do not have winter supplies.
  • Orphans and their families


Dear brothers, our prophet peace be upon him said:

A Muslim is the brother of a fellow-Muslim. He should neither commit oppression upon him nor ruin him, and he who meets the need of a brother, Allah would meet big needs, and he who relieved a Muslim from hardship Allah would relieve him from the hardships to which he would be put on the Day of Resurrection, and he who did not expose (the follies of a Muslim) Allah would conceal his follies on the Day of Resurrection.

Dear brothers we appeal you to contribute in funding this project

May Allah bless you and reward you the best


Palestinian Orphan Home Association

Gaza Strip – Palestine

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