palestinian Orphan Home distributes thousands of food parcels during the month of Ramadan

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Palestinian Orphan Home Association distributed thousands of food parcels and breakfast meals to needy and poor families in the Gaza Strip, with the kind generous donation from local and foreign institutions and benevolent people.

The association has delivered the aid to those who are in need at their homes under the current circumstances due to Corona virus, in order to keep them safe.

The director of the association ensured the continuation of efforts made throughout the blessed month of Ramadan to achieve solidarity, and that the association will continue to provide food parcels, breakfast meals and some various projects during the holy month.

The director of the association called for seizing the opportunity in the month of Ramadan to donate and give charity and seize the opportunity of goodness, especially in light of the increase in poverty and unemployment in the Gaza Strip and the poor living and humanitarian conditions and the bad effects resulting from the Corona epidemic.

He thanked all the good people inside and outside Palestine, especially in the Arab and Islamic countries.

Palestinian Orphan Home Association has completed the distribution of sponsorships for August 2023

Palestinian Orphan Home Association has completed the distribution of sponsorships...