Palestinian Orphan Home Association distributes sponsorships for orphans sponsored by the Jordanian Advocacy Committee

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The Jordanian Islamic Advocacy Zakat Committee for the Palestinian people, with the cooperation and supervision of the Palestinian Orphan Home Association,

distributed sponsorships to orphans and poor families in Gaza Strip for the period from October to December 2022.

The number of beneficiaries of the orphans and families sponsorship project reached 3,984 orphans and 145 poor families received cash assistance.

The Manager of the association, Al Habash, explained that the distribution of this sponsorship comes in line with the objectives of the association and its lofty and noble humanitarian mission.

To alleviate the suffering of orphans, to draw a smile on their faces, and to help their families provide for their needs and living requirements in light of the difficult economic conditions that the Gaza Strip is going through.

The director of the association also thanked the Advocacy Zakat Committee, which sponsors and sponsors orphans and contributes to alleviating their suffering, thanking them for standing by the Palestinian people.

Palestinian Orphan Home Association has completed the distribution of sponsorships for August 2023

Palestinian Orphan Home Association has completed the distribution of sponsorships...