Despite the siege, Continuous efforts in Ramadan

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“Despite the siege,  Continuous efforts in Ramadan”,  A slogan issued by the Palestinian Orphans Home Association in the Gaza Strip to try to draw the smile on the faces of poor and needy families in the month of Ramadan, to confirm the continuation of humanitarian assistance, especially under the siege.

These projects aims to alleviate the suffering of the people of the Gaza Strip, that suffers from very difficult economic conditions because of wars and the siege imposed on it for more than ten years that has affected the lives of people badly.

Where most of the sources of income for the Palestinian citizen in the Gaza Strip have been disrupted and poverty rate has increased, and unemployment has spread among workers,

Therefore, it was necessary for the Palestinian Orphan Home Association to take the responsibility of pleasing the needy families  and draw a smile during the month of Ramadan.

Based on the hadeeth of the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), “The most beloved people to Allah are those who are most beneficial to the people. The most beloved deed to Allah is to make a Muslim happy, or to remove one of his troubles, or to forgive his debt, or to feed his hunger.

The campaign of implementing the projects of Ramadan started  and will continue until the end of the month of the month in order to draw the smile and pleasure on the faces of needy families all over in the Gaza Strip where in kind aid and cash money will be distributed to thousands of needy families. The aid includes: (food parcels, vouchers, vegetables, , Breakfasting meals, sohoor meals, breakfasting on the roads, Repayment of debtors’ debts, money zakat, ifter Zakat, Eid clothes)

Palestinian Orphan Home Association has completed the distribution of sponsorships for August 2023

Palestinian Orphan Home Association has completed the distribution of sponsorships...