Contribution of the Palestinian Orphan Home in Ramadan 2021

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The efforts made by Palestinian Orphan Home Association in the holy month of Ramadan, thanks to the donations of charitable people and benefactors, removed the darkness from and made the light of hope bright.

The association contribution had a clear impact on the poor in the land of Palestine, especially in the Gaza Strip

During the blessed month of Ramadan, Palestinian Orphan Home Association implemented Ramadan project, where approximately 35,000 beneficiaries from poor families and orphans in the Gaza Strip benefited from the project.

Ramadan projects have varied between food parcels, vegetable parcels, vouchers, zakat, fast breaking and other projects that are implemented and benefits thousands of families in the Strip.

Thanks  to all those who contributed from the good people and benefactors all over the world.

Statistics of sponsorships for the month of November for Palestinian Orphan Home Association

The total amount of cash sponsorships distributed to the sponsored...