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Qurban Project 2022

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Qurban Project 2022

Since its establishment, Palestinian Orphan House Association’s  the association has worked in many different seasonal and social projects that contribute to supporting and assisting poor and needy families and orphans, and among the most prominent of these projects are the Qurban projects (distribution of sacrificial meat during Eid al-Adha).

It is worth noting that these projects have a clear impact on serving the poor and needy and alleviating their suffering.

The association has acquired great experience in this field, and this in turn plays a major role in the success of the current project, as it supervises all phases of the project, which are represented in the process of slaughtering, cutting or and distribution to the beneficiary areas according to the lists prepared in advance by the distribution committee.


Project Description


The Qurban project is among the projects implemented by Palestinian Orphan Home Association every year to alleviate the suffering of our people in the Gaza Strip, this project is due tothe difficult economic conditions they are going through. This project comes to help and make happy poor, needy and needy families, orphans and other marginalized groups during the blessed Eid al-Adha, where sacrificial meat is distributed to needy families to beneficiary families in all governorates of the Gaza Strip.

The project justification

Among the most important justifications that prompted the proposal of such a project:

  • The severe siege imposed on the Gaza Strip threatens the food security of about 70% of families, as more than 80% live below the poverty line.
  • Tens of thousands of families cannot buy meat due to its high price and the lack of a source of income for them to meet their needs.
  • An increase in unemployment rates, reaching 55%.
  • The number of the unemployed has increased to reach 300,000.

Project goals

  • Contribute to the provision of Qurban meat and distribution to beneficiary families in the governorates of the Gaza Strip, which contributes to alleviating their suffering and the suffering of their children.
  • Bringing joy and happiness to poor and needy families during the blessed Eid Al-Adha.
  • Encouraging the application of one of the rituals of Islam, and drawing a smile on the lips of the poor and needy in the season of goodness.
  • Notifying people that they have brothers who stand by them and strengthen them in times of distress.
  • Notifying the families of orphans, the wounded, the injured, the unemployed, the affected and the poor, needy and hidden families that their brothers are by their side at all times.
  • Connecting the association with Islamic societies, alleviating people’s suffering, and spreading the spirit of brotherhood and love among Muslims.


Beneficiaries of the project

  • 6000 families in all governorates of the Gaza Strip


Project budget

Item Cost of one Kg $ Unit cost $ Number of units Total


Lamb with an average weight of 50 kg 8 400 100 40000
Calf average weight 350 kg

(Georgian – of the limousine type)

5.6 1960 20 39200
Administrative cost 10% 7920
Total budget of the project $ 87120


In conclusion, Palestinian Orphan Home Association extends their thanks and great gratitude to you for your goodness and giving to the Palestinian people in particular and to humanity in general, wishing you to continue giving shaded by God’s help and satisfaction in order to draw a smile on the deprived lips.

We also hope for your contribution for funding of this project, which has the goal of relieving the pain and suffering of the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and sharing the joy of the blessed Eid.

May Allah bless you

Palestinian Orphan Home Association

Gaza Strip – Palestine

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